Meet a Sloth in Central New York

Is it a smidge of a drive? Yes. Is it worth it for a sloth? Of course!

You know it, there’s something about a sloth that is just fascinating. The way they move, the way their claws look, their adorable little faces – all of it! The Wild Animal Park in Central New York is giving you a chance to see one up close.

The Wild Animal Park is in Chittenango, which is about two hours from Albany. Only In Your State says there are more than 60 different kinds of animals there. They’re currently in their offseason until April 30th so some of the animals aren’t available right now. If you were hoping to take the drive out there sooner rather than later, don’t worry, there’s a special friend that you can see.

The Sloth Encounters exhibit gives you a chance to hang out with two-toed sloths. You meet the sloth-keepers who give you a sloth 101 run-down. Then, you have a chance to get face-to-face with one. You can feed them, take pictures, and even hold them! Take a day trip and snuggle a sloth!

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