Capital Rep Announces Albany-Centric and World Premiere to 2020-2021 Season

EDIT: Shows have been postponed due to COVID-19

Capital Repertory Theatre will be moving into their new space with the already announced Sister Act, but with the new space comes new shows to look forward to.

The True (September 25- October 18, 2020): set in Albany, NY in 1977, it’s a peek behind the curtain about the blunt, profane, decades-long defender of Albany’s Democratic Party machine, Dorthea “Polly” Noonan. Politics is personal for Noonan, now that her hero, “mayor for life” Erastus Corning II is battling for party control, while at the same time fighting the fiercest primary challenge of his life.

The Wizard of Oz (November 20- December 27, 2020): Revisit your childhood in this beloved classic story, with all of the songs we love from the award-winning movie. You’ll meet all of your favorites as they travel from Kansas to the wonderful land of Oz.

The Way North – WORLD PREMIERE (January 22-February 14, 2021): Freddy Hansen, a retired sheriff, who has isolated herself in the woods of Northern Minnesota to serve as an occasional wilderness guide for hearty hikers. When a lost, and very pregnant, Agnes, stumbles on to her rural homestead seeking refuge, Freddy must decide whether to turn a blind eye for her love of the law or let the chips fall as they may.

Fly (April 9- May 2, 2021): FLY takes you through the trials and tribulations of four recruits who transform from a collection of individuals into a true brotherhood of fighter pilots – The Tuskegee Airmen, using tap dancing and spoken word.

Jersey Boys (July 9-August 8, 2021): Follow the four boys from New Jersey, from their first stumbles and fumbles to their rise to become international icons of their generation.

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