Riverside Maple Farms Unexpectedly Closes

They haven’t been open for terribly long but as of a few weeks ago, they’re closed for good.

Riverside Maple Farms was started by Erica and Chris Welch in Schenectady. What started out as a small farm collecting syrup turned into a growing business providing the Capital Region with local maple syrup.

Though their website is still active, it looks as if their Facebook page has been taken down. They haven’t made any official announcement, it seems, but The Mac Factor truck, a staple on most weekends outside of the farm announced the closure on their Facebook page, saying “Do to unforeseen circumstances, Riverside Maple Farms has closed their doors. Meaning Mac Factor wont be there on the weekends anymore.”

As far as I can see, it looks as if their store is still available through the website. No word on the future of the Maple-Beer Trail or the future of the farm and products inside. We don’t know if they’ll continue to sell products online but it doesn’t look as if the store or farm will we opening back up any time soon.

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