Local Rose Apothecary Pop-Up Ending Soon

If you’ve been waiting to see the Rose Apothecary pop-up, don’t wait much longer because time is running out!

Fans of the television show Schitt’s Creek will recognize the new storefront of the well-known Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs. They announced that the pop-up will be available until the end of February. Inside the store, the only thing that’s really different is the new line of products available.

When I went to the store, they were out of the Rose Apothecary products but said that you could put your name on a mailing list for when they are available again. I also bought some through the website (just in case). The rest of their wonderfully smelling soaps, lotions, jams, etc are still available.

Beekman 1802 is honestly the perfect store to take on the front of Rose Apothecary. Fans of the show will agree the closest thing we have to the fictional store is Beekman’s with their goat milk soaps and lotions.

They are getting a lot of traffic because of this pop-up and since the clock is ticking, I recommend getting there sooner rather than later. Also, yes, they are selling lip balm and yes, there’s a plunger by the front door.

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