Limited Edition Maple Cream Cheese Hits Price Chopper


Limited Edition Maple Cream Cheese Hits Price Chopper

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Honestly, maple is good all year round but there’s something about the winter months that makes us want more syrup and maple flavor. Price Chopper has a new product that has you covered.

Sometimes you want that delicious maple flavor but you’re not in the mood for pancakes, waffles, or french toast that morning. It doesn’t happen often, I know, but it happens. Have you seen the new cream cheese option at Price Chopper?

I was looking for cream cheese to put on a future bagel and saw that maple cream cheese was an option so I had to try it. Apparently, this maple cream cheese gets its flavor from Northeast trees and Price Chopper uses the same trees in their cream cheese that they use in their bottled syrup.

Looking for a new way to put maple in your life? Try this new cream cheese! You can even use it and make a seasonal maple cheesecake! #pcsocialpartner

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