Troy: No More Single-Use Plastics

Slowly around the Capital Region, more and more single-use plastics are disappearing and Troy is the most recent to get rid of it altogether.

The Troy Farmer’s Market has announced that they are eliminating single-use plastics “in an effort to reduce plastic waste and be more sustainable,” according to CBS6.

Not all is lost in terms of bags. You can always bring your own bags or more compostable paper bags will be available. They also have been offering compostable plastic bags that will biodegrade easier than the single-use plastics we’re used to.

New York has announced that they will be starting a statewide ban of single-use plastics and the farmer’s market wants to get consumers used to that change two months in advance. The ban doesn’t go into effect until March.

The sad truth is that most recyclables are ending up in the landfill and the farmer’s market wants to make that plastic impact as low as possible. The market, to help in the change, will be setting up waste stations to help people properly dispose of the bags.

The farmer’s market plans on educating people in the reasons for the change. Justin DuPont from the Sustainability Booth has said, “The amount of plastics that are produced in the world 20 years ago was about 117 billion tons. Now it’s close to 400 billion tons. To put that in perspective, 400 billion tons is about the weight of every single person in the world that we’re producing in plastic every year and 91% of that is not getting recycled.”

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