Schenectady’s Shaker & Vine to Expand

The quickly popular Shaker & Vine on Mohawk Harbor has announced that they will soon be expanding in Schenectady.

Shaker & Vine, known for its wine dispensers, has announced that they will be expanding their space, according to the Times Union. The space, that already has an eating area, lounging area, bar, and outdoor patio, will be expanding an additional 1,530 square feet. That will allow them to have a second bar, more seating, and a private dining area. In addition to that, they will be expanding their patio space and offering more fire pits.

Construction will begin early 2020 but the restaurant will stay open.

Shaker & Vine has self-serve wine spouts. The way it works, you give your credit card to get a white card in return. That white card is your key to various wine tastings, half pours or full pours. It’s not only a great place for a happy hour but has really delicious food too!

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