Pac-Man Zone Coming to Colonie Center

Colonie Center and Aviation Mall will be adding a new type of entertainment to their respective malls with Pac-Man Zone.

I was doing some Christmas shopping at Colonie Center a few weeks ago and saw that something was “Coming Soon” called Pac-Man zone. With a bit more research, it looks like Aviation Mall announced that this new space is going up there as well and was supposed to open in November (I don’t know if it opened on time).

Both locations will be “Pac-Man Zones.” Based on their website, it looks like a space for entertainment where Colonie Center was missing out against its competitors.

Pac-Man zone is a place for all ages and all kinds of video games. Aside from that, the website doesn’t really reveal much about what you can expect from your Pac-Man Zone visit. Based on a video of another Pac-Man Zone that opened earlier this month, if you’re looking for a Dave & Busters-type venue, this isn’t it (see video below).

It’s definitely something that Colonie Center has needed and it looks like a great arcade but it’s smaller than other similar locations in the area. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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