3 Must-Do Upstate NY Winter Activities


3 Must-Do Upstate NY Winter Activities


Did you know that Upstate New York is home to not only the longest zipline but also the largest toboggan chute and the longest snow tubing run? Well, now, I just gave you your winter to-do list.

Upstate New Yorkers are used to snow. There’s nothing we can do about it, winter and snow come, they’re here, it’s up to us to find enjoyment in it, right? Well, I found three winter activities that Upstate New York has to be proud of and three things you need to experience this winter.

  • Lake Placid’s Longest Toboggan Chute: On Mirror Lake, you’ll see people playing hockey or ice skating but I want you to bring your attention to the chute. The first toboggan ride went up around the Winter Olympics, made out of an old ski jump chute. A new one was built in 2016 and has been used every winter since. You start 30 feet in the air and then sends you up to 1,000-feet out on the lake.
  • Hunter Mountain’s Longest Snow Tubing Run: If you’re more of a tuber than a skier or snowboarder then you have to ride the longest chute in Hunter. The tubing lanes are 1000 feet long and you can even ride with a friend in a double tube.
  • Hunter Mountain’s Winter Zip Line Tour: While you’re at Hunter Mountain, as long as you don’t mind heights, you need to go on the zip line tour. You climb up the treetops on a zip line through treetop obstacles and swinging bridges until you’re 600 feet above the ground. Then, you zipline your way the whole way down. It makes all of that climbing worth it.

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