Price Chopper Shopping for the Holidays


Price Chopper Shopping for the Holidays


If you’re looking for a few key ingredients for the holiday season, check out what I got at my local Price Chopper.

‘Tis the season for families to get together and when people get together, that means you need options for food. What’s a party without food? Recently, I hosted a holiday get-together with my friends and thanks to Price Chopper/Market 32 products, I had a lot of options for my friends to choose from.

The PiCs brand at Price Chopper is getting the same quality of the “name brand” things you’re used to but at a reasonable price. I went to my local Price Chopper in Schenectady and I love the make-over they’ve given it. It’s made things so much easier to find.

I was looking for food to get for a holiday party. I didn’t have the time to buy ingredients to really cook a full meal so what I found was very helpful. I ended up with Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale to drink (which reminds me of my childhood), frozen vegetable spring rolls, sparkling apple and grape juice, sharp cheddar to have with crackers, and some delicious steak.

To start, the butcher department at Price Chopper/Market 32 was very helpful. I’m never 100% sure which cut I’m looking for but they’re so knowledgeable and helped me find quite a delicious one. Paul the manager was extremely helpful, making sure I found the PiCs products I was looking for. Before Christmas, I have to make another stop to make sure I’m all set for the rest of the holiday season!

This post was made in partnership with Price Chopper/Market 32 but the opinions shared are mine.

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