Stray Dog Survives Albany Crash, Stuck in Car 45 Minutes


Stray Dog Survives Albany Crash, Stuck in Car 45 Minutes

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This is the most incredible local story that’s trending right now, I just had to share it. This ‘miracle dog’ has been through it all today and ended up okay on the other side.

A Shiba Inu named Coco was hit in Albany and ended up stuck in the car’s grill and then, traveled all of the way in there to Rotterdam. The driver of the vehicles said they realized that they had hit something but honestly, thought it was just a ball, according to the Daily Gazette.

The driver stopped to check out the damage and headed toward a body shop in Glenville. As the driver was going down Helderberg Avenue in Rotterdam, she heard noises from the front of her car. The driver took a deeper look and that’s when she saw the dog staring out from below her license plate. The driver immediately called the police and a few Rotterdam officers were able to free the dog.

After 45 minutes total, the dog was taken to Hernas Veterinary Clinic in Schenectady and the Rotterdam police tracked down the owner in Albany. People at the vet’s office revealed that the dog did have a broken elbow and was sore but other than that was doing great. The elbow injury is expected to require surgery at some point.

Coco is currently staying at the veterinary clinic but will eventually return to North Carolina, where she’s from. Coco and her owner are staying with her owner’s sister when Coco got out and was struck. Coco is currently doing well but is very lucky!

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