NYC-Based Gaming, esports Cafe Opening in Troy

NYC-Based Gaming, esports Cafe Opening in Troy

Rumors of a gaming/esports location were going around Troy the last few weeks and now we know not only what’s coming but where we can expect it.

Waypoint Cafe is planning on opening its Upstate location in retail space under the City Station apartment complex on 6th Avenue, according to the Times Union. They’re planning on either opening the end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

The cafe will be a full-service food and coffee shop along with 50-60 stations for PC and console gaming. They will also be able to host esports competitions like their location in New York City.

If the prices stay the same as they are in the city, we can expect “$5 for one hour; $20 for four hours with a bonus hour included; $30 for six hours with two bonus hours and $40 for eight hours with four bonus hours.”

First, the owner was going to open the second location in New York City but after visiting Troy, learned about companies like Velan Studios and Vicarious Visions along with the draw of RPI, Troy seemed like a perfect fit.

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