Great Escape Fighting to Open New Ride Next Season


Great Escape Fighting to Open New Ride Next Season


Great Escape has plans to open a brand new ride but the residents nearby don’t want it.

Great Escape had the idea of bringing a 165-foot-tall ride. The problem is that they wanted to open it in Ghost Town, where tall rides are prohibited. The Post Star reported that residents near Great Escape came out to a Planning Board meeting to fight it.

Honestly, I had no idea that a rule about the height of rides in a particular part of the park existed. In 2001, the town went so far as to float a balloon above the park to see at what height rides in the park are visible to residents of Glen Lake. The new ride, Adirondack Outlaw, would be breaking that rule.

Great Escape is saying that the ride is just barely over the height limit in that part of the part and would barely hinder the view of the residents but the residents disagreed.

The Post Star broke down the path of the ride and when it would be an issue. “It takes four minutes to load the ride. Then it spins for 90 seconds. The ride is long, horizontally, but it points in the direction of Glen Lake, so they would see it on end, which is the shortest side. The ends are only four chairs wide.”

The residents are fighting to uphold the 2001 Environmental Impact Statement by saying that there are other areas of the park available for the new ride. Great Escape says that they need a ride in that part of the park since it’s not bringing the crowds as it used to, even with the few popular rides over there.

In a compromise, Great Escape can build the ride as long as there are no lights on it. Not only would the ride be dark, but it wouldn’t be able to be seen from the street. So far it looks as if the ride will not be coming to Ghost Town, but we’ll have to wait until next season to find out!

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