The Albany Empire, the current ArenaBowl Champions, along with other arena football teams are in jeopardy with local operations closing.

Two years. We got two years and then, the Albany Empire was taken away from us. According to the Times Union, the Albany Empire and five other arena football teams are closing their local operations. Technically, though in jeopardy, the league hasn’t completely shut down yet.

The Times Union detailed what happened, “A multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against the league by an insurance carrier that provided workers compensation coverage between 2009 and 2012 — before the current administration was involved — has caused the AFL to reevaluate its business model.”

If the league continues, it will most likely be a traveling league but no official plans about the future have been decided.

I hate to see something that it seemed Albany embrace so quickly taken away from us. Even me, not a football fan, loved cheering on our local teams, going to the games, and now, we don’t have it anymore. It doesn’t seem as if there’s any possibility that the team will return to what we’ve had the last two years, but you never know. I just want our team back!

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