Price Chopper Goes Pumpkin with PICS


Price Chopper Goes Pumpkin with PICS


Fall hits, Ugg boots come on, apple cider ends up in the fridge, and there’s pumpkin everywhere- especially Price Chopper. I tried three of Price Chopper’s pumpkin specialties, I’ll be the judge of just how pumpkin they actually are!

To start, there are a ton of pumpkin-flavored edibles at Price Chopper to choose from. I decided to get the PICS Pumpkin Pie gelato, PICS Pumpkin & 3 Cheese Ravioli, and Pumpkin Spice yogurt flavored drizzled kettle corn.

Do you know how grocery shopping makes you hungry? It took me maybe 20 minutes after getting home from Price Chopper before I opened up the bag of ravioli and threw it in some boiling water. I’m gonna level with you, I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this ravioli. Pumpkin? Yes. Cheesy? Oh yeah. I added a little butter and garlic and that was all of the flavor I needed to make this a delicious meal.

Then, after dinner, I started to get a little hungry and wanted a snack so I grabbed the kettle corn. I loved the yogurt with the kettle corn, it made it so it wasn’t too sweet. At first, you can’t really taste the pumpkin but it slowly shows itself the more you eat.

Finally, time for dessert so I grabbed the Pumpkin Pie gelato from the freezer. Somehow, Price Chopper got the flavor of pumpkin pie, froze it, and shoved it in a gelato container. Aside from the fact that it’s cold, flavor-wise you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Not too sweet, but perfect for that after dinner snack.

Overall, Price Chopper did really well with their pumpkin selection. I would buy any one of these items again (and I may have to – I’m out of ravioli).

NOTE: Price Chopper provided a gift card in order to purchase the items to review them. The opinions written are mine and mine alone.

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