New Mediterranean Restaurant to Open in Saratoga

New Mediterranean Restaurant to Open in Saratoga

Veteran chef, Dominic Colose, known for his experience at The Wine Bar in Saratoga and Chez Nous in Schenectady, will be opening a new Mediterranean-influenced restaurant in Saratoga.

Dominic Colose will be opening Amuse inside The Washington Building, sharing a space with Broadway Deli, according to the Times Union.

The restaurant will be serving Mediterranean-influenced small plates that range from $8-$20 per plate. They’re hoping to continually change up the menu so that it aligns with each season. They’re projected to open on November 1 with the menu on their website. They even offer a menu for 2 for $36 and what looks to be delicious desserts.

Colose wrote to the Times Union about the name:

The name Amuse came from two things.  First is the commitment to small plates.  While not true amuse bouche in size, the plates will be small as the goal at Amuse is to provide guests with a sampling of dishes that showcase the region’s cuisine.  The second source of the name comes from the chef’s direct interaction with guests both at the counter and in the dining room in order to engage people in discussion about the food, its origins, history, and preparation.  Amuse will also be a place to share stories, recollections, and thoughts about restaurants and restaurant life. 

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