Macabre Music & Ghostly Gala in Schenectady


Macabre Music & Ghostly Gala in Schenectady


Do you like spooky? The creepy? The macabre? Then, you need to check out an event coming to Schenectady that I’ll be hosting (and playing the part of a ghost).

The Musicians of Ma’alwyck is bringing their already successful Halloween-themed concert to Schenectady with the Macabre Music & Ghostly Gala. Saturday, October 26th, the Stockade and the First Reformed Church of Schenectady goes back in time to when Alice Van Der Veer lived.

Alice Van Der Veer lived in the Stockade around 1672 with her father. As the story goes, the 17-year-old was banned from dating anyone with her father threatening to shoot any suitors that came her way. Alice didn’t listen and started meeting her new lover along the Hudson.

One night, the father followed Alice and found her embracing her new man and decided to keep his promise. The father shot the man dead and then took his daughter home by the arm. The townspeople heard the shots, found out the father killed a man and decided to chase after Alice and her father. They caught the father first, burning him at the stake. Alice hid in where Jackson’s Garden is now at Union College until she too was found a burned at the stake.

Legend says that on the first full moon of the summer, Alice’s ghost reappears in the garden, hoping to find her lover’s body.

The Musicians of Ma’alwyck will be playing off of that story on October 26th. First, tickets are available for Macabre Music featuring their signature arrangement of Saint-Saens Danse Macabre paired with other scary works, including a new work by Max Caplan. Tickets are $30 for adults, $15 for students.

After, they will be hosting their Ghostly Gala. That will feature a delicious dinner created by Healthy Café Catering, live jazz, a costume contest, silent auction, and some other very special activities. I will be the Mistress of Ceremonies. Be a part of the Honorary Committee at either the Poltergeist Level ($400/person) or Phantom Level ($225/person) to get a complimentary ticket to the performance or General Admission ($165/person or $135/persons under 35). Reservations required by October 19th. Tickets available ON THEIR WEBSITE.

LISTEN to AAnn-Marie Barker Schwartz, founder, and violinist, talk about the upcoming event with WAMC.

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