Schenectady Wing Walk 2019

When given the opportunity to eat 22 chicken wings, I jumped on board, then, I realized just how many chicken wings that actually is.

Last weekend in Downtown Schenectady was the annual Wing Walk. I was given the delicious task of going around the downtown area and voting on the best of 22 different wings. Some were better than others and some I wish I could have again.

  • 20 North Broadway – Medium Garlic Gouda Wing
  • 151 Bar & Restaurant – Spicy Garlic Parm Wing
  • 611 Union – Spicy Honey Wing
  • Apostrophe Cafe – Guava BBQ Wing
  • Backstage Pub – Smoked Caramel Bacon Bourbon Wing
  • Bombers Burrito Bar – Medium Lemon Pepper Garlic Wing
  • Cafe Coffee – Authentic Southern BBQ Wing
  • Canvas, Corks & Forks – Boneless Cheesy Pepperjack Wing with Fall Salsa
  • Centre Street – Interdimensional Szechuan Boneless Wing
  • The DillyBean – Dill-Constructed Boneless Wing
  • Grano – Crispy Orange Ginger Wing
  • Hunter’s on Jay – Grilled Brined Lemon Pepper Wing (gf)
  • Isopo’s Downtown Pizza – Cherry Bourbon Wing
  • Johnny’s Restaurant – “Florabama” Wing”
  • Katie O’Byrnes – Trinity Wing
  • Mad Jack – Maple Peanut Butter and Honey Sriracha Wing
  • Mexican Radio – Raspberry Chipotle Wing
  • Nico’s Rooftop Tavern – Spicy Maple Bacon BBQ Wing
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant – Mango Tamarind Wing
  • Tropical Fever Executive Lounge – Jerk Wing
  • Union Inn – Cinnamon Apple Wing
  • Ya Ya’s House Southern Cuisine – Original Southern Fried Wing

So many wings, right? Okay, so here’s a quick run-down of my thoughts thinking back. To recap the winners: 20 North won the people’s vote with Backstage and Ya Ya’s shortly behind, Backstage won the judge’s vote overall, Mad Jack won most creative, and 20 North/Grano tied for the best sauce.

I loved Mad Jack’s sauce and I’m so happy they have it on the menu this week because the peanut butter with the honey sriracha is unbelievable. The DillyBean made a chicken salad and waffles which was honestly a great break from all of the wings and was made really well. Katie O’Byrnes made their own sauce which was really impressive and delicious. Last, the fact that I haven’t had Ya Ya’s House Southern Cuisine until this moment is so sad, that fried chicken was everything. Overall, so many wings, but it was a beautiful day and I already can’t wait until next year.

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