Meet Smokey the Bear in the Albany Pine Bush

He can help you prevent wildfires and you can meet him in the Capital Region!

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is hosting its annual Smokey Bear Day on Monday, October 14th from 10:00AM – 2:00PM at the Discovery Center. Smokey the Bear is celebrating his 75th birthday this year, helping families throughout the years learn about what they can do to prevent wildfires.

The event is free and a chance for a “family-friendly opportunity to learn why fire is an important natural component of this globally-rare ecosystem,” according to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Executive Director.

Since 1944, Smokey Bear has been sharing this signature phrase, “Only you can prevent wildfires.” It is the longest-running PSA campaign in our nation’s history. Smokey has helped stop many wildfires, his work is never done with nearly “9 out of 10 wildfires nationwide are caused by people.”

On October 14th, the Albany Pine Bush will teach families about their prescribed fires and why they’re necessary to keep the preserve going and to allow certain species to thrive there.

Erin Kinal, Education Program Director said, “There will be interactive exhibits on prescribed fire, refreshments and Smokey goody bags for visitors to take home. Visitors will have multiple opportunities throughout the event to meet Smokey Bear.”

All ages are welcome. For more details and to make reservations, visit or call 518-456-0655.

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