Blessings Tavern Updates Rebuilding Status [PHOTOS]

Blessings Tavern was a piece of a tragic story just by pure location and mere consequence. They’ve taken some time to rebuild and now, we have an update.

We all remember the story that circulated the Capital Region of Niko Dinovo. The entirety of the area was rooting for his poor kid until he sadly passed away due to his injuries in a car accident involving Blessings Tavern.

If it’s possible for a building to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, that was Blessings Tavern. It was involved in a tragedy that it didn’t really have anything to do with. The tavern, open since 1950, has been a staple in its Colonie neighborhood and many were sad to see it go.

Little did we know, they weren’t completely gone, they were getting ready to rebuild. If you’ve been driving past the area, you may have noticed a new building, a new parking lot, and wondered if it was something new or if Blessings Tavern was coming back. If you’ve been following their Facebook page, then you know it’s the latter.

Blessings Tavern II, as the new sign states outside of the building, will be returning soon but no official opening date has been determined.

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