Surprise Slidin’ Dirty Schenectady Closure

Many during the Schenectady Wing Walk were looking to stop by Slidin’ Dirty, when they were surprised to find out, the location has recently closed.

As far as we knew, Slidin’ Dirty Schenectady was participating in the Wing Walk on Saturday, until it wasn’t. As the Daily Gazette detailed, the Schenectady Slidin’ Dirty opened in 2017 and is about double the size of the original Troy location.

The official message was posted on the Slidin’ Dirty Facebook page on Thursday, October 3rd. The owner said that the Troy location, as well as the food truck, will still be open/operable but the Schenectady location didn’t work out as they wanted. The owner, Tim Taney further explained, “After months of deliberating, I have come to the decision to close this location. Maintaining the quality experience that I want each of Slidin’ Dirty’s guests to have – at both locations and the food truck – while giving my children the time and attention they deserve was a balance I couldn’t master.”

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