Guinness Record-Holding Haunted House in New York

Guinness Record-Holding Haunted House in New York

Are you one of those people who look for the scariest haunted houses around Halloween? If you haven’t been to Pure Terror Scream Park, you’re missing out on a Guinness World Record holder!

Pure Terror Scream Park isn’t too far from us in Monroe, NY. It may seem far for a haunted house, but where else can you experience a world record holder?

Pure Terror opened on September 27th and will be open through November 3rd, according to their website. The attraction is made up of 9 brand new haunted houses and it takes about an hour or so to get through them all. In between the houses, you must walk through the haunted trail in the woods so there’s always something going on to spook you. That’s what made them the current Guinness World Record holder for the longest overall horror attraction since 2015!

Aside from the Terror in the Woods, you will also pass through The Crypt, Resurrection Cemetery, Evil Harvest, The Coven, Terror Under the Big Top, Pure Darkness, Desecration, and Legends of Horror.

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