Schenectady Wing Walk 2019 SOLD OUT

Do you like the thought of exercising by walking around Downtown Schenectady while eating wings so that means they’re negative calories (I don’t know how true that is)? Hopefully, you got your tickets to this year’s Wing Walk!

I love chicken wings. That’s why the Downtown Schenectady Wing Walk is one of my favorite events in the Capital Region. Every year the wings are delicious and because of that, every year the event sells out. This year is no different, the October 5th event has sold out in a very short amount of time. It makes sense, one price and a ton of wings? Who would say no?

This year, for me, is different because they’ve asked me to judge. I get to skip lines and I’m forced to eat chicken wings from every single location. The Downtown Schenectady Business Improvement Corporation has been slowly releasing the kinds of chicken wings that will be available and I’m more and more excited with each one.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to this event, take a look at the wings that you’ll be enjoying. You can follow my map, you can follow your own, but I recommend getting out there right when it starts to get through as many of the wings as you can. So far we know these flavors:

🍗151 Bar and Restaurant: Spicy Garlic Parm
🍗 Cafe Coffee: Authentic Southern BBQ
🍗 Centre Street Pub: “Interdimensional Szechuan Boneless Wings”
🍗 Executive Lounge: Jerk
🍗 Hunter’s on Jay: Grilled Lemon Pepper (Gluten Free)
🍗 Katie O’Byrne’s Irish Pub & Restaurant: Trinity
🍗 Johnny’s Schenectady: “Alabama Whites”
🍗 Mexican Radio Schenectady: Raspberry Chipotle
🍗 Taj Mahal Restaurant: Mango Tamarind
🍗 The DillyBean: Dill-Constructed Waffle Wing (feat. Send Me Waffles)

I tried to put together a solid route to get you to all of them the easiest without a done of extra walking. You’re starting at Proctors to get your ticket/ballot so you can either start at the beginning of this map right from Proctors, or the end of the map and get the furthest spots out of the way first. As you can see by my map, I started at Johnny’s and headed left. You can also go in the opposite direction and get to the furthest location (Hunter’s on Jay) faster. This may not be the perfect route but it’s what I came up with (until they add more). What’s your wing walk route?

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