Spooky Haunted Tours of the Capitol are Back

Spooky Haunted Tours of the Capitol are Back

Starting to feel the spooky and haunted with October just around the corner? Cross this off your bucket list and take a tour of the New York State Capitol.

We’ve all heard the stories about how the New York State Capitol is haunted, but do you maybe want to experience it first-hand? The “Capitol Hauntings Tours” run Wednesday, September 25 through Friday, November 1, with various times according to News10.

From September 25th-October 25th, the tours will be 5:00 pm-6:00 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. These tours begin at the information desk in the Capitols State Street lobby.

From October 28th through November 1st, the tours will be 5:00 pm-6:00 pm every day. Saturdays in October, there will be a 1:00 pm tour that begins at the Washington Avenue entrance of the Capitol across from the intersection of Washington Avenue and Hawk Street.

If you want to be on one of these tours to learn about the folklore and ghost stories of the New York State Capitol, register through their website.

As the website explains: “Which two United States Presidents visited the Capitol after they died? What happened to the “lost” Capitol murals and their eccentric artist? Does the secret demon carved in stone hold a Capitol curse? Does the night watchman who died in the Capitol Fire of 1911 still make his rounds? Explore these questions and other tales of sightings and strange things on our Special Capitol Hauntings Tour of the New York State Capitol. The tour lasts about an hour, but the chilling tales might haunt you forever.”

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