Puzzles Cafe, Schenectady to Be on Television

Puzzles Cafe, Schenectady to Be on Television

You may see a familiar place on television soon but not the show or channel you’re expecting.

Puzzles Bakery and Cafe in Downtown Schenectady became popular for its work with those with autism and employing those with developmental disabilities. Now, according to News10, they will be featured in another way.

Puzzles Bakery and Cafe recently filmed an appearance on the HGTV hit “House Hunters.” So far, we have no idea when it will be airing. We also don’t really know much about the episode at all. No word on why they were filming that particular show there. Is there a couple that is house hunting in the Capital Region? Did they use a realtor in the area who was working at Puzzles Cafe? Again, we don’t have many answers but when we do, Ill give you a date to watch!

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