3rd Annual Electric City Food Truck Festival 2019

I love eating a bunch of food from a bunch of places all in the same place, don’t you? One guess where I’ll be the day of the 3rd Annual Electric City Food Truck Festival coming up!

Coming up in about a week and a half (Saturday, September 14th) is the 3rd Annual Electric City Food Festival. The festival is open to the public and will be 12:00pm-6:00pm. The festival will be in River Casino’s overflow parking lot which you’ll find right next to the garage itself.

We have some amazing food trucks here in the Capital Region. Some you’ve heard of and some of them you may be hearing for the first time. At least a dozen of them will be at this festival, including:

Also during the festival will be musical entertainment by Tompkin’s Drive (12:00pm-1:30pm), DJ Ketchup (1:30pm-2:30pm), Ten Most Wanted (2:30pm-4:00pm), DJ Ketchup (4:00pm-5:00pm), and American Idol’s Madison Vandenburg (5:00pm-6:00pm).

I’ll be honest, a lot of these I haven’t had food from before and it all looks delicious so you better join me in going with a very empty stomach!

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