Most Instagrammable Places in the Capital Region [PHOTOS]


Most Instagrammable Places in the Capital Region [PHOTOS]

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Whether we like to believe it or not, a lot of pictures taken “these days” are to get on Instagram likes. I want to turn that into a positive and if people are coming from out of town, let’s tell them where they need to go.

When you travel to other places, it seems like everywhere has a list of places where everyone takes their picture to post on Instagram. Nashville has the angel wings, NYC has the TKTS red steps in Times Square, and Disney World literally has everywhere. One of the popular searches when us millennials are traveling is to find out those places to get the likes on Instagram. My question is, if someone wanted those places here, where would they go?

We get so jaded being from here that it’s hard to think of Instagrammable places that tourists would want, believe it or not, we have them. Who knows, maybe you’ve taken a picture or two there too!

  • I Love NY sign (Albany/Glens Falls): they’re relatively new but they’re just asking to be hashtagged.
  • Nine Pin Cider (Albany): This one is new. Nine Pin Cider just added this mural outside of their location so you need to take your picture with it.
  • Generation Axe (Colonie): what’s better to post on your Instagram than a picture of you and an axe?
  • Palette Cafe (Saratoga): honestly, this whole place is asking to be on your Instagram but they actually have a room so you can perfect your poses!
  • Rose Garden, Central Park (Schenectady): There’s a reason so many people get married here, take their prom photos here, etc. It’s beautiful!
  • Grafton Peace Pagoda (Grafton): this place may be a bit of a drive away but it’s beautiful and so peaceful. A quick walk up the hill, take a look inside and you’ll see what I mean.

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  • A hidden gem of an IG worthy spot is a small strip of Grand Street in downtown Troy; where the brownstone buildings are all painted bright colors. It’s like NYs very own Rainbow Row. There’s some lovely street art as well.

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