Howe Caverns Opens Newest Capital Region Escape Room

Ever done an escape room? It’s up to you and everyone you’re with to escape within a certain amount of time and now, one of the gems of our area has added one to their already stocked repertoire.

Howe Caverns is (obviously) known for the beautiful natural beauty underground we have here but they’re not stopping there. They not only have a fantastic adventure park but have just announced that they’ve opened an escape room. One of the best things about Howe Caverns is that there’s something to do year round. The temperature in the cavern is always the same so it’s either really cool and refreshing in the summer and warm in the winter.

The brand new Howe Caverns escape room is called “Ultra Max Lock Down: The Cave.” Howe Caverns describes the backstory on their website, what situation you find yourself in, and why you’re trying to escape.

The Ultra-Max penitentiary known as “The Cave” houses the most notorious criminal geniuses in the country. Built 15 stories underground, The Cave has the latest in cutting-edge escape deterrent technology deployed in the facility….A motley crew of the criminal elite, led by maniacal mastermind, Stu “The Flu” Galopso, have done the impossible and breached the confines of their containment sector. Society’s most dangerous and unpredictable fugitives are now at large, and only YOU can stop them…The players take on the role of Federal Agents charged with investigating the escape of Gallopso and his crew, hoping to catch them before they make it to the surface.

I love escape rooms and Howe Caverns always does it right so I can’t wait to make my way through it and see if I get out in time. If you’ve never done an escape room, it’s a great team-building exercise, great for families, and so much fun for friends looking for something to do. Plus, if (somehow) you’ve never been to Howe Caverns before, give yourself some extra time and don’t miss out on the breathtaking cave.

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