It doesn’t usually take me a whole year to get to try a new business, especially when it’s beer-related, but finally, I took a stop into Unified Beerworks.

All I kept hearing about Unified Beerworks was that I had to try their sours. Nothing more, just you have to go and if you don’t have a sour while you’re there, you’re not doing it right. Brilliantly located shortly off of Route 9, it would be an easy stop for me after work each day if that was my route to get out of rush hour. For a lot of people, I assume it is.

The owners created the concept because though they had different tastes, which many people do especially in beer, they were unified in this decision and supporting each other. The space is in an interesting place but still offers a lot of room for people to move around and an outdoor patio area on beautiful days.

If you’re thinking of stopping in, take a look at what they currently on tap through their website. My first time at any brewery, I have to get a flight and for my flight of four, I got A Constant Sparkle (IPA/6.4%), The Throne of Odin (DIPA/8.1%), Brass Knuckled Ballerina (IPA/6.4%), and Mostly Elemental (Gose/4.9%).

Overall, the beers were pretty good. I loved the flavor balance in them. The IPAs were hoppy but not overwhelming. My only issue was with the Mostly Elemental. From what I gathered, they change these flavors often and when we went it was Kiwi Cucumber. The amount of sour was the great but the mix of those two wasn’t what I particularly enjoyed in a beer. What I love about this place, though, is that they have a ton of taps, constantly rotate, and create new beers all of the time (it seems that anyway). So you’ll always find something you like.

FYI – They’ll be celebrating their first anniversary in a couple of weeks, October 5th.

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