Craving a Crepe? Check out T-Swirl Crepe!

There’s something about a crepe that just adds a bunch of different delicious things in one bite and if you haven’t had some from T-Swirl, you’re missing out.

Crepes are one of those things that I think would bring world peace. You know what I mean? No matter the culture, no matter the background, everyone can have a crepe, put what they want in it, enjoy it, and be happy!

T-Swirl has such a great selection (and gluten-free too FYI)! First, you have to figure out if you’re a savory crepe or sweet crepe person. For savory crepe people, think of your favorite salad but in a delicious cone that you can eat. Their savory crepes have everything from eggs, tuna, salmon, BLT, and even short ribs. If you’re more of a sweet crepe, they have Nutella, mango, strawberry, banana, truffles, ice cream, and even cheesecake!

Personally, I can’t turn down a banana, Nutella, strawberry crepe, I just don’t have it in me. The best part is that every time you go in to T-Swirl Crepe, you can get something different. They have so many locations all over the country, I’m so happy they opened up a spot here in Latham.

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