Barkeater Chocolates: Local, Delicious, You Want Some [PHOTOS]


Barkeater Chocolates: Local, Delicious, You Want Some [PHOTOS]


I have such a sweet tooth. It doesn’t take much to get my heart if chocolate is involved and I was so happy to finally see where the magic happens with some of my favorite local chocolate, Barkeater Chocolates.

Really craving chocolate but trying to support as many local businesses that you can? I know, that’s me all of the time. Have you tried Barkeater Chocolates yet?

Barkeater Chocolates started in 2008 and since then has grown to some of the best-known chocolates in the Capital Region. You can even find their Adirondack-based chocolates in your local supermarkets. While I was in North Creek to try the Revolution Rail, I had to stop by Barkeater Chocolates to try something delicious.

Barkeater Chocolates has such a selection of chocolates in their store as well as online, there’s no way I could list them all here, you have to check their website. I will touch on some of my favorites though.

First off, their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are something out of this world. Now that I’ve said that, I really enjoy their Orange Citrus Surprise, Sea Salt Downhill Darksider, Quinoa Ka-Pow Bar…I’ve just realized that I was honestly about to name every bar except the espresso one and I only wasn’t going to name that one because I don’t like coffee. Anyway, you get my point. Their chocolate is delicious and they serve it in all kinds of delicious forms.

I’m also looking to make something with this chocolate. From my visit, I have a bar of Orange Citrus Surprise and Cherry Cherry Chic yet and I’m posting on Facebook on September 1, 2019 a poll. Which one of those would you like me to make something out of? Feel free to comment here too!

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Barkeater Chocolates, North Creek

Barkeater Chocolates, North Creek

I don’t hide the fact that Barkeater Chocolates are some of my favorite in the area but I didn’t realize I could be a part of the chocolate-making process!

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