Parking Restrictions for RomCom Filming in Troy

Parking Restrictions for RomCom Filming in Troy

It seems as if the Capital Region has caught the Hollywood bug, or is it vice versa? Either way, another big-time movie is filming in the area, and with it, comes some parking and driving restrictions and detours.

If you were driving through Troy today, you may have run into some restrictions in your path. The romantic comedy “Silent Retreat” will be filming in the area starting today and may go through tomorrow afternoon, according to the Times Union.

The director is Todd Strauss-Schulson who is recently know for the movie “Isn’t It Romantic” starring Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and Adam Devine. There’s not much information on the cast or plot and that the movie is backed by Miramax. All we know about the plot is that:

The project centers on a man and woman with relationship issues who decide to go on a meditation retreat that requires absolute silence for three days along with the man’s best friend and recently widowed mother. Disaster ensues in what the filmmakers describe as, “If Gus Van Sant and Buster Keaton made a silent comedy about wisdom, compassion, and the difficulties of digesting a tempeh-based diet.”

The restrictions you need to look out for are on:

  • State Street between First Street Alley and Frear Alley (south side)
  • Congress Street (north side) between River Street and First Street
  • Broadway between Third Street and Fourth Street
  • Church Street Alley between Broadway and State Street
  • First Street between State Street and Congress Street

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