New Place for Tacos in Troy

New Place for Tacos in Troy

Are you a fan of Taco Tuesday but have been to all of the places in the Capital Region? Well a new place in Troy is opening and you have to check it out!

The owners of Caskade Kitchen & Bar in Cohoes have decided to open up a new spot in Troy, according to the Times Union. At the end of May, Little Rice Ball announced that they would be closing after 13 months. That’s when Joe and Kelly Proctor purchased the space to open The Daisy (margarita in English).

Joe is currently the chef at Caskade and is developing the menu for this restaurant. His idea for the restaurant, he told the Times Union, he’s “defining the taco concept loosely, aiming not for authentic Mexican but more toward Latin-American flavor profiles with some Asian influence.”

They estimate that they’ll be opening on or around November 1 depending on their liquor license. They will be keep the relatively new kitchen the same but plan to do some work to the interior.

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