Mexican Radio Announces Closing

Mexican Radio Announces Closing

It’s been extremely popular in Hudson and a few years ago moved to a beautiful building in Schenectady but maybe two locations was too much.

Mexican Radio has had its Hudson location for 16 years and have just announced that it’s closing, according to the Times Union. The location closed on August 11th, and with it the owners wrote an originally lengthy letter as to why this location had some issues. Since their last note raised some controversy, the website now says:

In light of the closing of Mexican Radio Hudson, we understand our words have created some controversy. Though we stand by our statements, it was not our intention to insult or divide our community. It is, in fact, a united community that we have always looked to develop, be part of, and serve. We again thank all of our Hudson patrons for their contributions over the last 16 years and we hope you will join us at our Schenectady location where we welcome all.

Apparently, the original letter referenced staffing frustrations as a result of the recent Presidential administration’s view on immigrants.

Now, I know you want to know what this means for the Schenectady location. As far as we know, that location will continue to stay open.

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