Manhattan Exchange, Schenectady is Back!

If you thought you saw the last of Manhattan Exchange on Union St in Schenectady, you thought wrong!

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that Manhattan Exchange would be closing. After 30 years, the owners announced on Facebook that they would not only be closing the business but selling the business.

The Times Union is announcing that though it’s been sold, it doesn’t mean Manhattan Exchange is going away. The restaurant will be reopening this fall under the same name in the exact same space, 607 Union St. Though the name is the same, the new owners intend to not only revamp the entire interior but fix up the menu as well.

No worries, most of the pub food you have expected from Manhattan Exchange will stay the same (like Burger Night) but they will be changing it up a little by adding pizza, as an example. Doug Davis, who has previously worked at City Squire on Upper Union Street as well as with Mazzone Hospitality, will be taking over.

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