Ever Wanted to Try An Ice Cream/Cotton Candy Burrito?

Okay, so it either sounds amazing or disgusting but you won’t know until you try and you’ll have a chance soon!

The New York State Fair is known for a bunch of different kinds of foods but this year they’re taking something right from the internet – the cotton candy roll.

New York Upstate describes the cotton candy roll as Byrne Dairy ice cream (10 flavors to choose from) with chocolate chips, Fruity Pebbles (or another filling), and then wrapped all up in cotton candy.

If you’re looking for the cotton candy roll, it’ll be served at the Milky Bun stand in the Dairy Products building. The roll will be six inches long and cost $5 with one filling or 50 cents for each additional filling.

Michael Tadros, whose family also runs the Milk Bar, said of the roll, “We want to bring people a taste of something they’ve never seen before…It’s literally a melt-in-your-mouth kind of product.”

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