Cuddle Cows in this Upstate NY Farm

You can do goat yoga, you can go to animal shelters and snuggle with kittens, but did you know there’s a place in Upstate New York where you can cuddle cows?

Mountain House Farm isn’t technically local, it’s outside of the Finger Lakes, but it is a place where you can soothe your mood by cuddling with cows. Good Morning America reported about Mountain Horse Farm in the village of Naples.

For $75 per hour, you can take part of the new trend, cow cuddling. Mountain House Farm is a B&B on a 30-acre farm that advertises that “relaxation comes naturally.” They have various accomodations, a spa, retreats, and, of course, the horse and cow experience.

According to their website, “We only offer 1 or 2 sessions a day during 3 or 4 days a week. Sessions are private. Only the people in your party will be in the session. The maximum number of people per session is 4. Guests that stay with us have first choice in booking sessions. We like to plan them, so it flows with the natural rhythm of the animals. We also like to look at the weather, especially on rainy or hot days. When you stay with us, it’s easier to find the best time for your session.” You can even get a look at bios of their beautiful animals on their website.

I have no idea what the benefits of cow cuddling are, but it can’t hurt you taking some time for yourself to decompress and relax. Also, I don’t think the cows hate a bit of snuggles either. Take a 3 1/2 hour drive out west for some snuggles and a vacation!

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