Did you ever think soaking in salt water in pure darkness for 90 minutes would change your life? Maybe you should.

I’ve been following Requiescent Float Center on Instagram, that finally, I wanted to give it a try. If you’re unfamiliar, floating is something that has been around for a little while and is endorsed by some big athletes – heard of Steph Curry? Floatation therapy gives you a sense of sensory deprivation. We’re constantly surrounded by screens and lights and it’s almost impossible to turn it all off. Floating gives you that sensation.

The way it works is that you’re inside a tank with so much epsom salt that you just float. It’s 10 inches of water, 1200 lbs of salt, and the temperature is 93.5 degrees. The facts are great, but you want to hear about my experience, right?

I went to the float center in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany (they also have a Troy location). I walked in and they couldn’t have been nicer. One of the owners explained the process and what I needed to do and then I was left in a soundproof room to myself. I changed into my bathing suit (I think you can go nude if you’d like but I was already uncomfortable), put the strange ear plugs on my ears, and washed off a bit in the shower. They recommend covering any cuts, not shaving beforehand, and to not go in if you’re menstruating.

After a quick shower, I walked through the door to the tank which was completely dark except for one tube light. I had control of the light so it was up to me whether it stayed on or not. I sat down and the water was perfect. The salt level was so high that my legs starting floating on their own. Since it was my first time and I have fears of drowning, I used the head pillow for some support. They said it may also help if you’re a beginner to help your neck relax. Once I shut the door, it was completely silent. Just me, water, this tube light, and my thoughts. After getting comfortable, I decided to turn the light off knowing I could always turn it back on.

It was so strange. I was in there for 90 minutes but with no concept of time, I had no idea what time it was at any point. It took me about a half and hour to get comfortable and completely relax. I was so calm, I ended up falling asleep. Yes, I fell asleep while I was floating on water. I woke up not knowing how long I’d been asleep, how much longer I had left, but it was nice to not have to worry about it. It seems like I’m always worried about what time it is and what I’m doing next and in the tank, I couldn’t. Finally, music started playing and I knew my 90 minutes were up.

I never thought I would be able to be in there for 90 minutes. Luckily, you have the room to yourself so you can leave the tank at any point if you feel uncomfortable. You can talk to anyone I talked to about this beforehand, I’m terrified of water and I was terrified of this experience. I wanted to face my fears and I’m really happy I did. It left me relaxed, calm, and it was nice to turn the world off for a little while. The sensation even lasted after the tank. I was so relaxed walking around my house later that night.

If it’s something you’ve wanted to try but have been scared to, just do it. If you have any questions, send me a message. It was such a different kind of experience but I would recommend it to anyone to at least try once.

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