Big Bounce America Albany and Reliving My Childhood [VIDEO]


Big Bounce America Albany and Reliving My Childhood [VIDEO]


There are certain things about your childhood that don’t get any less fun: birthday parties, sleepovers, coloring, and bounce houses. I had the opportunity to live like a kid again and here’s what you missed if you didn’t go.

Big Bounce America– Albany was at Ellms Family Farm a few weeks ago and I hope they come back because my friend and I had a blast! There are a couple of different sections you can be a part of depending on if you have children and how old they are. My friend and I are two 30-year-olds who wanted to relive some of our childhood so we went to the “Adults Only” session on Saturday night.

When we signed up, we had to pick a time to experience The World’s Biggest Bounce House. Since I saw a lot of jumping in our future, I decided to start our experience with the big bounce house just so that we didn’t tire ourselves out beforehand. We had a great time, it’s not just a bounce house in there! There’s a DJ in the middle, bubbles, things to climb, ball pits to jump in, and at one point we played a huge game of dodgeball.

Next, after our bounce house time was up, we tried The Giant! It’s a huge obstacle course where you can either race your friends or just enjoy yourself and take your time. There are things you run through, things you jump on, things to avoid – they thought of everything and I ended up a lot more tired than I thought I would be. You don’t realize how much energy bouncing takes for a couple of hours.

Our last stop was AirSpace. This was my least favorite, only because I think people turned it into the place to rest after bouncing everywhere else. To no fault of Big Bounce America, it was just where people were sitting around which made it slightly difficult to bounce around in. Last, we did the big slide. I forgot how much fun inflatable slides could be and finally, there was one that I could do as an adult and really enjoy!

Overall, we had a blast! It was tiring but not exhausting. It was amazing to have the experience to live like a kid again and not have to worry about actually falling on any kids. I hope they come back next year so we can do it again!

Some quick notes, you must have socks in order to jump. Also, there isn’t a very secure place to leave your belongings so I recommend leaving everything in your car until you need it. They also mention bringing another pair of socks with you. It’s not a terrible idea but it was just dusty, not muddy, so I just brought flip-flops to change into after and I was fine.

NOTE: I was given free admission for two to participate and write about the event but was in no way compensated for an opinion and these notes are mine alone.

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