Veteran Made Woodworks Honors Servicemen & Servicewomen with Beautiful Flags [PHOTO]

Veteran Made Woodworks Honors Servicemen & Servicewomen with Beautiful Flags [PHOTO]

Regardless of how you feel about politics or the various wars we’ve been in, our veterans are the strongest, bravest people who deserve the utmost appreciation and a local company is making sure of that.

Veteran Made Woodworks is a local company out of Rensselaer County who make beautiful wood hand-carved flags. As they describe it, “Each flag is handcrafted and assembled together on a solid wood frame and then protected with three finishing coats to give her a glimmering shine.”

I’ve followed this company on Instagram from awhile and their products are just beautiful. Not only do the members of the company fully support our armed forces and first responders, they continue to serve as soldiers and police officers as well.

Anthony Guadagnino (United States Marine Corps OIF Veteran and currently serving US Army SFC) started the company based on the Thin Blue Line flag (which they sell). They create custom flags along with challenge coin holders, split heritage flags, freedom flags, and the American flag in difference designs. They also offer laser engraving on your flags as well.

A local company making beautiful products. Take a look at their website and Instagram to see examples of the beautiful products they’ve made in the past.

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