Palette Cafe Opens New Workspace in Downtown Saratoga [PHOTOS]


Palette Cafe Opens New Workspace in Downtown Saratoga [PHOTOS]


There’s a new place to work and eat in Downtown Saratoga and you need to check it out with your friends.

With the track opening and more and more people headed to Saratoga, you’re going to be looking for new places to experience, right? Just announced in the location where Saratoga Sundress used to be, 493 Broadway, is a really cute new cafe that has some incredible potential working inside.

I had the chance to try out the Palette Cafe while I was in Saratoga for opening day. There are two phases to this adorable eating and working space. The first, is the cafe downstairs. You can eat and drink some of their delicious small bite-sized meals in one of the cutest spaces in Downtown Saratoga. Now, though, they have just announced a new opportunity unlike anything else in Saratoga.

Palette Upstairs gives you a space to use for yourself, whether it’s work on your computer, school projects, meetings, or a “Stay-at-home mom that wants a little escape.” They just opened up member ship for Palette Upstairs and they come with some amazing amenities. Every membership includes: use of the mailing address, printer/scanner/fax/internet, on-site concierge, access to conference rooms and online community, free drip coffee and wine, discounts, and more!

Added services available depend on the membership you’re looking for, depending on if you’re getting “The Werk It” plan ($299/month), “The Perk It” plan ($199/month), or the “Day Doer Pass” ($35/day). Join now and you can even become a Founding Member which has perks of its own ($2,200/year Nov 2019-Nov 2020 Annual Werk It/Founding Membership).

If you’re just walking around Downtown Saratoga and are looking for a cute place to go with your friends, you can eat and drink at Palette Downstairs. The owners of Palette Cafe also own the very successful Saratoga Paint and Sip so you know that color and aesthetic is their forte. The cafe space and treats are just asking to be used for your next Instagram filter. They offer a full bar, small bites, and desserts.

Though the cafe (obviously) isn’t just for women, I do love the feeling of female empowerment within the space. The girly colors, the space to all women to work, and a cocktail/mocktail list that features some of your favorite female celebrities.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and have a quick bite with the girls or you need some longer time to get some work done, stop in to see how cute Palette Cafe is!

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