Does Your Kid Want Breakfast with a Dinosaur?

Does Your Kid Want Breakfast with a Dinosaur?

Does your kid love dinosaurs? Want a chance for them to see one up close?

Dino Roar Valley opened up in Lake George a few months ago and they just announced that they’re giving your kid a chance to eat breakfast with a dinosaur!

Dino Roar Valley is where the old Magic Forest was and boasts a walking experience where your kid can come in contact with all different kinds of dinosaurs. Coming up on July 21st and August 18th, you can buy tickets for your kid to not only see the dinosaurs but eat breakfast with them too!

The Dino-Riffic Breakfast is open to all ages. You can start your day at the continental buffet from 8:30-10:00am with Dino Donuts, Tyrannosaurus Rex Pancakes, Stegosaurus Fruit Salad, Dino Eggs, a selection of breakfast meats, plus more! Adults are $49.00 + tax, children are $42.00 + tax, and children 2 and under are $16.00 + tax. Each breakfast experience includes admission into the Dino Roar Valley and a meet-and-greet with Roary the Raptor!

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