Schenectady’s Raw to Expand [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for delicious raw delicacies, you’re soon going to have a bigger space to do so in Downtown Schenectady.

Raw, currently located at 177 Jay Street in Downtown Schenectady sent out a press release announcing their expansion into the adjoining building.

Raw will also take over 175 Jay Street to create space for seating. The juice, smoothie, acai bar is currently take-out only due to the lack of space. Now, they not only will have more space for seating inside but more patio space outside as well.

According to the owner Nicole Pardi, “We hope to finish renovations in August and then begin serving customers in the newly expanded Raw. Our business continues to grow, so we needed to add space to handle the demand for our fresh food and drinks. We are thrilled about being able to accommodate our guests with this additional space.”

Raw also has a second location currently open on 454 Madison Ave in Albany.

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