Ever want to sing karaoke but don’t feel like competing with drunk people at a bar? There’s a new place that recently opened in Colonie you should probably check out!

Grammy KTV & Bar on Fuller Road in Colonie recently opened up under the radar since early May, according to the Times Union. The owner of Grammy KTV & Bar also owns a Japanese restaurant in Saratoga.

Having been to Japan, I saw first-hand what a big deal karaoke bars over there. It’s one thing to sing karaoke drunk at a bar but it’s another to get a bunch of friends together in a private room and sing your heart out with people you know.

Grammy KTV & Bar isn’t just a karaoke bar, they’re also calling themselves a nightclub as well. They’re open as early as 4:00pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 2:00pm on Fridays- Sundays, closing at 2:00am each night. You can check out what themed nights and events they have going on through their Facebook page.

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