Albany Spot for Newest Sonic Drive-In Location

Remember when we used to see those Sonic commercials around here all of the time but didn’t have one for miles? Well, look at us now, announcing our third location in Albany!

It seems so long ago that the biggest news in the Capital Region was that a Sonic was coming to Route 7 in Latham. Do you remember how crazy those lines were for the first couple of months? It felt like years before you’d get a hamburger! Well, the lines have gone down but apparently the love for the fast food chain is still here because Sonic Drive-In just announced their third location.

CBS 6 announced that the newest location for the Sonic Drive-In will be in Albany where the former Howard Johnson’s Motel was at 351 Southern Blvd. The other two locations are the original on Route 7 in Latham as well as the second spot on Hoosick Street in Troy. No word yet on the opening date.

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