Albany Announces New App for Kid Summer Activities

It’s summer, your kids are home, and you have no idea what to do with them. Sound familiar? Albany developed a new app to help you out.

We have a lot going on in the area, a lot of activities, and sometimes it’s hard to weed them down and figure out what would be great to do with your kids. You have a couple of months when they’re free and you want them to stay active and Albany wants to help.

Albany has developed a new app, though it’s more like a map than an app for your phone like you know. WNYT announced this new map and described that with it “You can find and sort programs available by location, type, age, cost, and whether or not meals are included.”

You can find city organized events along with events with some community organizations. As Mayor Kathy Sheehan commented, “As we talk about what is needed in filling the gaps we thought it was really important to say let’s look at what’s here let’s look at what PAL is doing, what the YMCA is doing, and the Boys and Girls Club. Let’s look at what they are providing and then identify where are there gaps?”

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