It takes a lot for me to drive all of the way from Schenectady to Wilton, but when you find something you enjoy, the drive doesn’t seem that bad anymore!

I was never a “massage” person. I never had any issues with getting them. I just never really found a place I liked, never thought they were that necessary, and usually only got them when some place had a deal of some kind.

I don’t remember what got me to start following Turn a New Leaf Massage on Instagram but I quickly became fascinated with gem therapy. I found it incredibly interesting how gems could change the way you feel on the inside. I figured, in the end, I was still getting a massage so I gave Turn a New Leaf a try.

I’m still a little unsure about gem therapy, to be honest. There are some that I feel a stronger connection to than others and there are times I really do feel like they help. The problem is that I’ve always been logically, scientifically minded and at face value, the thought of laying a gem on my body and it feeling better does not compute. I do believe that the world is full of many different energies. Even though I know I feel that way, my brain struggles with jumping in head first with it.

So, partially, I enjoy the gem therapy and I get interested to see which gems will be used for each massage and how they will help me. On the other hand, it’s just a really relaxing environment and I really enjoy the massage. It’s hard to find a person and a place that you prefer but if you’re looking for a place to get a great massage, give Turn a New Leaf Massage a try!

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