Wanna Go to a Cat Cafe in Troy?

Wanna Go to a Cat Cafe in Troy?

No, but, seriously, if you love cats, you need to go to this cat cafe.

Is one of your dreams to be surrounded by cats while out with friends? Especially if there’s the potential to take one of them home with you? Then, you’re probably waiting to hear about the opening of the Meong Cat Lounge in Troy.

Last I mentioned the cat lounge, we heard of an opening this spring but then, no updates, until someone asked on Reddit. According to one of the co-founders, they’re still waiting on some last minute construction to open but hopefully, it will be announced soon. They suspect that it won’t be much later than originally planned.

If you’re unfamiliar, they describe their upcoming cafe as: “A theme concept that originated in Taiwan and Japan and has since made its way around the world. Customers typically pay a cover fee to relax and interact with cats, in a cat lounge. Food, beverages, and cat-themed merchandise are available for purchase, in a separate room.”

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