Tiki Tours Gets Bigger Boat for Summer Season

Tiki Tours Gets Bigger Boat for Summer Season

If you’ve walked Lake George in the summer, then you’ve probably seen the Tiki Tours. Last we heard, it’s future was up in the air, until now.

Last I posted, the owner to Tiki Tours was hoping to build a pontoon but those plans fell through. Now, they’re changing the plan and still having a bigger boat.

Their hope was to have a larger pontoon-style boat but the U.S. Coast Guard needed to approve it. The issue didn’t even stop there, the company that created the larger pantoon wouldn’t have them ready until July or August. We may have a chance, yet, to see them next season. This new boat was available sooner, so Tiki Tours went with that one.

The Post Star announced a 24-ft by 14-ft Tiki-style bar. The new bigger tiki bar is still bring your own drinks and will go from 5-7mph. The smaller tiki bars that you may remember were sold to a company in Michigan

So far, there isn’t a bathroom on board but they’re working on add it soon. This tour will be similar to ones of year’s past, lasting about an hour. Another difference this year, if you don’t make an online reservation, they will add $10.

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