New Parking Limits Added in Saratoga

*UPDATE: Apparently after the backlash, there are comments that these spots have been put back

We have a lot of great things here in the Capital Region but let’s be real, summer here means you’re making at least one stop in either Saratoga and/or Lake George. Heads up, your Saratoga trip may have just been made a little more difficult.

Parking isn’t the easiest in Saratoga, especially when there’s a big event going on. Now, as the Daily Gazette reports, finding parking is gonna be easier to find but harder to keep.

If you’ve been in Saratoga in the past couple of days then you may have noticed new signs up. New three-hour limit signs went up on the Putnam Street parking garage and since then, people have not been happy. The garage that used to have a limit of 48 hours has now limited every space to only three.

The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce didn’t dislike the idea of parking limits but they assumed it was only for the lower level and the upper level would stay the same. As you can see, that’s not exactly how it went.

A lot of parking lots, garages, etc that previously had long limits or no limits at all may have been changed in the last week or so. They’re hoping it opens up for space for people to shop on Broadway. Either way, just make sure you take note how long you’re allowed in the space so you don’t get a ticket!

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